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Quitting Testimonial

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I smoked cigarettes since I was 13 years old, as a kid, I remember the cigarette-shaped bubble gum that when you blew through it, the sugar looked like a smoke cloud, we didn't stand a chance against the tobacco cigarette manufacturers.

Statistically, when someone starts smoking under 14 years old, the odds of quitting are against you, it's just too ingrained into your personality and, because you typically use cigarettes through adolescence, it's part of your brain map.

Like you, I have tried just about every conceivable anti-cigarette option when trying to quit, talk to any smoker, and they'll say "Yeah I Wish I Could Quit." Enter the eCig.

I started using the eCigs you find behind the cigarette counters, it made it easy to get any part of my routine. Although it's not quite the same, it still gives you the smoking routine, a hand to mouth motion of a cigarette. That will replace the habit side of cigarettes, the high nicotine content of the eCigs will help with the physical addiction and take the edge off, eliminating the need for smoking.

After a few weeks, the first thing I noticed is I started to feel better, like the days you try to quit but always seem to go back. Only this time, I didn't want to go back, and after a few months, I began thinking as a nonsmoker and enjoying the health benefits.

Over time, the coughing stops, the out of breath gasping and the congestion of tar. At this point, I began looking at the devices that provide more flavors, refillable tanks and adjustable wattage for cloud control.

When I began, like most people, looking at a better set up, something that will improve the flavor, the cloud, and the enjoyment. The intermediate setups help transition you from cigarette experience to vaping experience. Pens are great, and I found them to be a natural step in the transition. They won't shock your lungs and will help you get used to a more massive, more cigarette-like experience. Soon you will be ready to begin dropping your nicotine levels, the larger the mist, the more volume of liquid consumed and the less nicotine you will need.

4 Years later, I'm down to .03mg of nic and ready to cut that in half to .015mg. As a comparison, a cigarette is around .28mg of nicotine, mixed with tar and also containing thousands of carcinogens (poison). That's quite a decrease in nicotine consumption. Most people when they transition from an eCig to a vape Pen or Stick, they will drop to a .18 and as they find favorite flavors and begin to settle into a routine, drop to .12.

When you upgrade your device to a mod, you will soon learn your cloud and vape volume will increase even more and will require even less nicotine. Most drop to a .06, then finally .03. For me, the goal after the .015 is to move to a .00. Then its just a matter of habit and flavor. Patterns/habits are more comfortable to break than addictions. When the addition is gone, break the habit the same as you would any other.

After five years without a cigarette, I don't miss them at all, enjoy the benefits and the nonsmoker attributes and will never go back. One day I suspect I will eventually give up vaping, but for now, I find it a healthy alternative to killing myself with cigarettes.

You can quit smoking using a vape; vaping gives you hope, and you can maintain the enjoyment. Focusing on the healthy alternative, it will provide you with confidence.   - Robert M. (non smoker)

Contact Us with your ex smoker story to encourage others to drop a cigarette and pick up a vape. 

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